History Of Mack & Sons Jewelers

History of Mack & Sons Jewelers

The year was 1949 in the small rural community of Baker City, OR that Mack’s Jewelers was
created by Fabian and Irene Klein Mack. Fabian was fresh from watch technical training at the
Denver Horological Academy after World War II service with the 8th Air Force Bomb Group when
the young couple relocated from their home state of North Dakota with a single child.

Mack & Sons Jewelry Store

They purchased an existing business located in the lobby of the Antlers hotel, but within
a few years were able to purchase a strategic location on Main Street that is still occupied
by a jewelry store today.


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By 1956 Fabian Mack became one of the first Gemological Institute Of America Graduate
Gemologists in the state of Oregon. While Irene had previous retail jewelry experience,
for many years she was not active in the store. Her effort and attention was focused in the thirteen children
the couple eventually raised. There was plenty of small income jobs for the kids around the store and all
thirteen helped in engraving, gift bow manufacturing and maintenance.

Mack & Sons St.George Utah Jewelers

Six stores and five progeny G.I.A. Graduate Gemologists later, Fabian retired in 1986
and sold his interest to Jerrold and Shirley Mack who in partnership with younger brother
Joseph created a three location Mack & Sons firm. After 52 years of Oregon locations the present St. George,
UT location was opened in 2001 as the sole Mack & Sons location.

Mack & Sons St. George Utah Jewelry Store

From the beginning the Mack family has always strived to achieve the highest level of
service through technical education in related jewelry arts such as watchmaking, gemology,
goldsmithing, stone setting, modeling and business management. Life long hands on experience
has produced a unique understanding of the possibilities and potential problems in the sales
and service of fine jewelry and watches, along with the ability to communicate both
effectively to clients.

St.George Utah Jewelers
Shirley Mack
GIA Gemologist
Jerrold Mack
Graduate Gemologist
Certified Master Watchmaker
Joseph Mack
Graduate Gemologist
Master Diamond Setter

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